Friday, 3 January 2014

What am I Doing in My life?

Living with RA is a challenge. However, I try to move forward and keep positive. Currently I am in my Fourth year of a bachelors in Psychology, which I will be graduating from this May. I LOVE school, although at times it can be difficult.

With school I have come across a couple challenges. Often I will be in pain in my back, hips, shoulders, and neck due to hours of studying. I also find myself experiencing pain, because of the stress. Writing papers, exams, and doing presentations can cause pressure and stress, which in turn, leads to body pain.

I have had many sleepless nights, because the pain is so uncomfortable, but at the end of the day, I am blessed to be able to have the opportunity to go to University, and I wouldn't want to waste it! It is important to me to keep moving forward and keep challenging myself. I believe this will make me a stronger person in the end :)

This past August (2013), I got engaged! I am very excited, and blessed to have someone who has stuck with me through out my RA process, and to have his unconditional love and support, even though I can be a MAJOR pain in the neck! Of course, with planning and preparing for a wedding, also come many stresses. I have found the stresses of keeping everyone happy, and also balancing what I want has been very difficult and stressful on my body… Does anyone else feel that stresses can cause their pain to increase??

I am still working on my Self-care and meditation in order to relax myself and keep positive. Something I had forgot to mention in my self care, meditation and diet blog, was 'Healing touch.' Have any of you tried this technique for pain relief and healing? I will put a link below of what Healing touch is, and perhaps some of you will give it a go! I have only done this technique once, but am hoping to do it again! I believe it works, and it is extremely relaxing!!

I am heading back to University today to start my final semester!!! wish me luck!!

Take care :)

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